Profile Wilbert Nieuwenhuizen

Wilbert Nieuwenhuizen is

• Tax Advisor specialized in VAT

• Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam

• Part-time Judge Court of Appeal

• Author on VAT matters

Studied at the University of Amsterdam in Law, Tax Law and Tax Economics. In 1986, he started his career at the Tax Authorities as VAT inspector. After working for Ernst & Young and Coopers & Lybrand (PWC) for several years, he started his own VAT Advisors company in 2004.

In 1996, he started working at the University of Amsterdam, and since 2001 he also is a part-time Judge at the Court of Appeal in Arnhem (one of the five tax Courts of Appeal in the Netherlands).

Besides his day-to-day business, he also publishes books, articles on VAT in several tax magazines, loose leave booklets on VAT, and is editor in chief of a weekly tax magazine for tax professionals. He is the author of the yearly updated book on VAT case law of the European Court of Justice. Furthermore, he frequently gives seminars and lectures on VAT for tax advisors, tax judges, tax inspectors and accountants.

How Do I Work?

Solutions to Problems

I find solutions to VAT problems, ranging from simple to extremely complex. You can find some of them below. Click the button below each subject for more information.

Simple Questions »

I get many e-mails and phone calls that revolve around questions that can be answered on the spot. Maybe you have been pondering this question for a while, but you still do not feel that you have come up with the correct solution. Just send me an e-mail or phone me and you will know for sure.

Complex Questions »

Every now and then, there is a problem that is considerably more complex. In those cases, extensive conversations between you and your client must take place. I will advise you on why it is necessary and how to go about this in advance.

Furthermore, I will give you an estimate of how much my services will cost you and I will take the cost-effectiveness of the situation into account. A complex problem must be solved as efficiently as possible. In the rare event the problem cannot be solved, I will be completely transparent in regards to this.

What now? »

After I have advised you, I will not simply disappear. I want to be involved with every step of the process, especially the follow-up. Sometimes, agreements have to be drawn up. Other times, the administrative processes have to be adjusted. Occasionally, letters have to be sent to the tax authority, supplementation reports have to be submitted or tax adjustments have to be requested. I will assist you with all of these tasks. My motto is: in for a penny, in for a pound.

Objections and Appeals »

I will not avoid legal disputes, unless the cost-effectiveness analysis shows it is not wise. Legal proceedings are labour-intensive and can be costly, especially when it is undertaken correctly from the offset. When the case is won, the judge generally will adjudicate a negligible amount of compensation of legal costs.

That is why I prefer to make price arrangements beforehand, sometimes I work on a no-cure-no-pay-basis. This often inspires clients to continue their legal battle, despite the negative outcome of the cost-effectiveness analysis.

Professional Opinions »

I am often approached to give my professional opinion or a second opinion on VAT-related issues. For example, lawyers often ask me to assist a party with the VAT-aspects of civil proceedings.

Second opinions are usually needed when advice has been given by another (large) tax advice bureau. This can be a thankless task. The advice given by these bureaus is generally correct and this fact cannot be denied. What it does lack, however, is a practical execution. ‘Where do we go from here?’ is the only question on the client’s lips.

My Fees »

My hourly rates are considerably lower than those of VAT-specialists at large companies. Even though my hourly rate is still not the lowest, imagine the time and worry that my assistance will save you. If need be, we can always come to a financial arrangement.

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